The journey of the AMC – Actuarial Media Center began in 2018 when the German Association of Actuaries hosted the International Congress of Actuaries, ICA 2018, and decided to support it with a virtual component. This Virtual ICA served as the prototype for our pioneering streaming platform, designed exclusively for actuaries, and insurance- and finance experts. Following the success of the conference in Berlin, the AMC team contemplated the platform’s future, given its exciting features for actuaries worldwide. By the end of 2018, a decision was made: to establish the streaming platform as a long-term service. The next phase involved transitioning from the initial „VICA 2018“ branding, creating a new name, design, and brand. Early on in the development of this new venture, named actuview, the team recognized the immense potential for additional global media services tailored for the actuarial profession.


The AMC team crafted a vision anchored in a commitment to nurturing and advancing high-quality actuarial expertise within the professional community, of which the AMC proudly belongs through its association with the German Association of Actuaries. The primary objective is to create a sustainably financed value proposition that not only benefits its members but also contributes to the global strengthening of the actuarial profession and the consolidation of its strategic position. In line with this vision, the AMC established three distinct brands: actuview, actupool, and actubase. actubase will serve as our cornerstone, providing a solid foundation for the actu-verse the AMC will expand.


The Actuarial Media Center GmbH is located in Cologne, Germany. Next to actuview, actupool and further actu-brands, the AMC is offering event production services for online, hybrid, and on-site events for different stakeholders in the insurance and finance industries.