In collaboration with 70+ actuarial associations partners worldwide and with key players in the insurance- and finance industry, actuview offers a wide range of educational content, primarily in the form of videos, podcasts, or webcasts, in various languages. Alongside the 3000+ streaming offerings, the platform includes a News and Events section providing the latest updates from the actuarial world — also available in the monthly actuview newsletter. For actuaries, the access to the streaming platform and all its resources is free, thanks to the association partners.

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The career platform actupool provides global job opportunities from 165+ partners in the insurance- and finance industry, tailored specifically for actuaries. Additionally, the platform offers various tools, including a resume generator and a news blog covering workplace trends, application tips, and more – all of which are also featured in the monthly actupool newsletter.

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For the AMC, the actubase vision stands as the cornerstone of all the actu-brands, providing a robust foundation and serving as the base for the available services, professional network and future visions, , which are in development. actubase will empower its partners and users worldwide to exchange knowledge, refine expert skills, establish professional contacts, and shape their careers according to their personal ambitions.


The Actuarial Media Center GmbH is located in Cologne, Germany. Next to actuview, actupool and further actu-brands, the AMC is offering event production services for online, hybrid, and on-site events for different stakeholders in the insurance and finance industries.